Our June teacher of the month is the beautiful Biatta M. Her thoughtful and calming classes are a favorite among Bella students. We asked her to tell us how she started doing yoga and what she loves about teaching this ancient practice.

I discovered yoga 10 years ago through a Bikrim class a friend took me to in California. I was immediately hooked and promptly started practicing as soon as I returned back to Tampa. I love teaching yoga for many reasons but my favorite reason is being able to share the practice with my community. There’s no better feeling than having my students all breathing and moving together.

Yoga has provided me with a platform to connect the mind, body, and spirit. It has taught me patience, mindfulness, and made me stronger from the inside out.
I started my practice in the Bella Prana space when it was Yogani. My teacher training was also in this space and I love each room dearly as it brings me back to my foundation. The best part about Bella Prana is the beautiful energy and love everyone brings into it, it’s magic.

Biatta M, Yoga Instructor Tampa