The Invitation Revolution

Our communities are hurting. We feel powerless, confused, and afraid. As yogis, we have been asking ourselves what our role is in helping to navigate ourselves and communities toward healing than anger. Sometimes only the dramatic moves, the big changes, the loud actions feel like they can make an impact. But this month we wanted to take a moment and consider the root cause of so much of the pain in our world.

The Importance of Connection
Our issues are layered and nuanced, so I do not claim to have the answers. But there is one thing I’ve noticed as a thread that connects us. That thread is the epidemic of loneliness, within ourselves and socially. It connects those who are being hurt and those who are doing the hurting. This sense of disconnection with other beings and ourselves has been growing quickly right underneath our noses.

We can blame social media and video games and laws and ignorance and hate. Those things do play a part, but they are also fed and made stronger by a sense of isolation. That isolation is what I believe us yogis have the power to help reverse, immediately – by inviting others in and fostering a community of connectedness.

The Power of Meditation
Whether it was a day that someone invited you to meditate or a book you read on meditation, or maybe someone took you to a class, or talked to you about how to breathe more deeply – someone somewhere gave you that gift of an invitation, and it’s time to pass it on.

Meditation has the power to help us feel connected to the whole and gives us tools for managing our emotions. It is one small step toward making sure that every human being is actively invited into a community and into themselves, and we have seen how the act of being invited can have a domino effect in people’s hearts.

Little Steps. Big Impact.
So yogis, take all the big actions and get involved in the causes that matter to you – but let’s also constantly take the little steps and invite people like someone once invited us. At Bella Prana we now hold our Meditation 101 class as a donation only offering, so that you can invite anyone and everyone to attend for free. We believe that the power of meditation has the potential to help us heal and call us in a new direction.

Invite your waitress, your co-worker, your family, your neighbor, your mailman, the guy in the elevator. Let’s be sure that no one in our community can say they weren’t given the invitation to sit with others and learn how to reflect peacefully. It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s our duty as yogis to spread the word about the practice that has saved each of us over and over again. Let’s start an invitation revolution and look others in the eye and begin the conversation. Because isolation is the food of disconnection. And that is something every single one of us can be a part of addressing right now, today.

Tips for Inviting People!

Below are our donation only meditation classes, we also have many donation yoga classes on our schedule. When inviting people we suggest you let them know that they do not have to interact, they can just listen. Remind them they are not expected to know anything about meditation. Let them know they can just show up, they do not have to sign up online, and that we will have everything they need. All they need to do is dress comfortably.

Guided Meditation (Yoga Nidra style)
Friday’s from 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Monthly Meditation 101 Class (some lecture and then time to practice)
Second Sunday of every month from 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Who are you going to invite today?

By Roni Elissabeth Harris, founder and owner of Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation
Our yoga studio located at 1112 Platt St. Tampa, Florida 33606