Thank You Amee

1. When/how did you discover yoga?

My first experiences with yoga were when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I went to a yoga center in Miami with my mom. It was what you would imagine a yoga center in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Then we stopped and my go to physical activity was dance. I really started taking yoga more seriously in my late 20’s. It just felt good in my body and I found myself feeling at ease, more centered, more calm.

2. What do you love about teaching yoga?

My students, of course! I love sharing what what has worked for me. It’s such a pleasure to be able to guide and assist someone into finding their balance, their truth, their peace. It is a beautiful opportunity to be a part of a person’s precious journey and hopefully a tiny part of their well being.

3. How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

I used to be a pretty type A person – I had difficulty with letting go, lots of ego issues. I was wound pretty tight. I actually used to leave before Savasana – I just couldn’t understand how lying still, but awake was beneficial. It took time to notice the benefits – but I found myself becoming nicer, more peaceful, less reactive. Yoga has helped me develop an awareness, a deeper connection with my body, a respect for it’s abilities. Meditation has helped me feel a connection to my source as well as a deep sense of interconnectedness with the divine and humanity. I’ve also met my favorite people through yoga and meditation.

4. Why do you teach at Bella Prana?

It’s a beautiful place to teach – all around, aesthetically, energetically. I’ve been teaching at Bella Prana since it was a one room studio on Macdill. When I began taking and teaching at that location, I was going through a tough time and it was my place to retreat. I found my community – people who really held my hand during that time and kept me afloat. I will always hold them and that space in my heart. The current physical space used to be home to Yogani where I really deepened my practice and took my teacher training. I teach here because I love it, the space, the students, the teachers.