Teri is a Rock Star

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! That’s exactly what our Bella instructor, Teri Martin, did when we were faced with our quarantine. Wanting to continue to maintain connection with our students, Teri quickly started recording classes at her home with fun and creativity. We are honored and grateful for all the content she donated to our virtual yoga studio and we are excited to celebrate Teri as our Teacher of the Month for July 2020! Bella Prana would also like to give a shout out to Teri’s husband Chuck for his Rock Star Tech Support while filming her classes.

What was your experience like teaching virtual classes during our quarantine time?

Teaching virtual classes, both live streaming and taping, was an extremely unique and challenging experience.  Most of my in-studio instruction involves an initial demonstration of the pose and then walking around, guiding the class, and providing personal encouragement and adjustments.  In videos, the lack of contact with those to whom I was teaching was disconcerting, making my ability to assess their practice and maintain the appropriate level of energy virtually (no pun intended) impossible.

That being said, the process – from silencing inside & outdoor noises, constantly moving furniture, and relocating Watson (the dog) to the continual audio / video checks  of my husband, Chuck, the master tech wizard behind the curtain who wanted the perfect video – was fun and yes, often somewhat frustrating.

What lessons did you discover about yourself teaching virtual classes?

What this change in teaching did for me was to highlight the amount of flexibility that I, and most of us ultimately have, to adapt when faced with something unknown. I assessed what was necessary and quickly learned to adjust my teaching (without music) accordingly – with an extremely appreciative amount of support from the fantastic Bella Team!

What silver linings did you receive as a gift during this time?

A benefit that I received over the past challenging months, teaching to a camera and demonstrating each entire class, is the fact that my own practice has definitely become stronger.  But, more importantly, I received the gift of being a part of the communal shift that all of us – Bella management, teachers, and students – experienced and supported one another through.  That bonding and sense of community is priceless!

Tell us a fun fact about the both of you. 

I never wear a watch and can tell the time within 10 minutes – whenever or wherever. This is connected to my mind’s unique perception and association of color and space with days, dates, calendars, and letters —- what is known as “synesthesia”.

Teri teaches Beginners Yoga 101, Warm Power Flow and Power Hour weekly in studio or you can find her classes on our virtual yoga studio at virtualstudio.bellaprana.com were we host weekly live stream classes and offer over 100+ pre-recorded classes.  Bella Prana is located in Tampa, FL.  Best of the Bay!