Teacher: Ashley Halley

This March, we’re celebrating one of our most dynamic yoga instructors and a true leader in Tampa’s yoga scene, Ashley Halley. See how she brings confidence, non-judgement, and inner-healing to her students at Bella Prana. 


When/how did you discover yoga? 

“I was led to yoga early on by my mom, who was a big part of the new age self help development in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Yoga was always a must.”

What do you love about yoga? 

“I love to teach yoga because I love to help people feel and love their bodies.  I see the body as a vehicle to unravel the emotional body and spirit.  Your body is an amusement park. Be the architect of your body.”

How has yoga/meditation changed your life?

“By fusing meditation and yoga, I have confidence, less judgement, see the world as a visionary. I feel it is the most valuable tool I have for living.”

Why do you teach at Bella Prana? 

I want to teach where I am supported and where I can support as many people in my community as possible. I have been teaching in the yoga community since 2000 and teaching in that same building where Bella Prana is now since February of 2007.