Soulful Tayo

Tayo is a soul-forward individual. Tayo cares so much about our community and continues to strive towards creating strong and meaningful relationships with our students. Always leading with their heart first, we are thrilled to celebrate Tayo as our Desk Angel of the Month for July 2020.

What do you love about yoga?

To me, yoga is everything. I love that through my practice, I get to be a disciple to my highest intentions everyday (I prefer discipleship to discipline—discipline and disciple are rooted in the same Latin word that means to learn, to follow). I love my teacher, the inimitable Jessica Lynn (I love all my teachers, but she is *my* teacher, you know?). I travel a lot and have lived in different places throughout my life. This has meant leaving many teachers, and it hurts. So, I have been immensely grateful that my life right now affords me the stability to stay in Tampa and grow in this practice of cultivating the teacher-student relationship that is so central to Ashtanga. I love our community. I love being a teacher myself and teaching in our community. I love stepping into the Mysore room or the hot room to breathe and move together with each body offering its own melody, its own counterpoint. I love that my yoga informs my life, specifically that yoga is a wholistic way of life—we practice not only asana, but we also observe yamas and niyamas, and, along with other limbs of yoga, we live in divine surrender. Yoga is air, is water, is earth, is everything. I cannot separate myself from it.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

To say that this is a stressful moment across the world is an understatement. Collectively, our nerves are frayed, and we remain sitting in uncertainty. Yoga, breathwork, and meditation have been my anchor in this moment. By some miracle, chaos in my external world has driven me to seek refuge in my practice, to receive offerings from my teachers (including daily breathwork practices, weekly breathing circles, iRest yoga nidra, meditation sessions), and to offer support to my community here in Tampa, in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Berlin, Oakland, indeed across the world. Yoga, breathwork, and meditation have led me in my dharma, and in responding through my dharma to these uncertain times.

Why did you want to be a Desk Angel at Bella Prana?

When I completed my 200-hour teacher training at Bella Prana, I was eager to maintain the depth of connection I felt to Bella. I wanted to learn more and be more deeply embedded in community. I love being in service with others and I experience that so fulfilling as a desk angel.

What’s one of your favorite (healthy) recipes that you would like to share with the Bella Prana community? Feel free to include a link and we will feature it on our website!

One of my favorite healthy recipes is a self-recovery recipe I made inspired by bell hooks’ Sisters of the Yam:
Practice speaking in a loving and caring manner. Practice speaking about what we appreciate about ourselves and each other—makes it evident to observers of our social reality that black women and non-binary folks deserve care, respect, and ongoing affirmation. To request a set of these recipe cards, go to:

Besides greeting our students and being a rock star Desk Angel, Tayo leads Hot 26 classes weekly at Bella Prana, Tampa, FL. Check our schedule of classes at or visit our virtual yoga studio at Best of the Bay.