Spotlight: Zach Garrand

Zach began his New Student Special with us in January of this year.  He joined our annual membership as soon as the special expired and it has been an absolute joy to watch him grow in his practice.  We love seeing his cheerful face and determined demeanor each time he comes to class. We asked him to share more about his story below.

What do you love about Yoga?

Yoga was recently recommended to me as a method to heal from physical trauma sustained and to gain control of my body through breathwork. Yoga was not my idea, and if I am being honest, I figured the pinnacle of my Yoga practice MIGHT be increased flexibility. WRONG. Yoga has taught me to work with my body, not in opposition to it. I love the dance between mind, body, and spirit that Yoga provides. And…it’s portable!


How has Yoga and meditation changed your life?

Yoga, breathwork, and finding stillness in the present moment have resulted in unrelenting growth and evolution in my life. My career demands that I spend an immense amount of time with victims of horrific crimes and the most vulnerable members of society. Eventually, the testimonies I heard began to hurt my soul until it became lost and callused. I started to identify with the conditions around me. I kept myself busy and attempted to suppress these “weak” feelings, but this had repercussions. Yoga has provided a sense of peace and strength I didn’t know I needed until I found myself continuously turning to my mat. It has allowed me to slowly strip away the negative emotions and develop the wherewithal to know that I am still here – to calm the turmoil and get back in touch with myself. As my practice has progressed off the mat, I have been able to better manage and rewire my emotional response to situations and events that I previously found so difficult.


Why do you practice at Bella Prana?

I would have never guessed that Yoga, in the space Bella Prana has provided, would boast such a profound effect since starting on the “New Student Special” several months ago. Bella Prana offers such a safe and uplifting environment, and the instructors’ depth of devotion to their students is so powerful. Instructors, who parallel as friends, take passionate roles in the development of your practice and create a positive ambience for healing.

Bella Prana Yoga Studio is located in Tampa, Florida.