Student Spotlight: Steve

Steve Gavatorta has been a student of Bella Prana since 2016 and we are so thrilled to have him practice with us. There is very little that Steve doesn’t do! He always brings a welcome energy to the student and is unwavering in his commitment to his practice. Steve is also an author of the newly released book In Defense of Adversity – Turning Your Toughest Challenges Into Your Greatest Success. There are many references to the benefits of yoga in it as several Bella Prana instructors, including Roni Sloman contributed insights for the book. It can be purchases at Bella Prana or on Amazon. Learn more about why Steve is our April Student of the month here!

What do you love about yoga?
The great workout, sweating, staying loose/limber, improved breathing & overall the peace of mind it gives me. Has improved my Muay Thai practice. Also the truly first class, friendly people I’ve met doing it – both students & instructors.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?
Helped align my spiritual side, with my physical side. I’m much more at peace, in control of my thoughts. My breathing is significantly fuller and healthier as well. I feel healthier.

Why do you practice at Bella Prana?
First, it’s a perfect complement to my Muay Thai practice (kickboxing) – Hot 26/Flow keeps me loose, limber, agile, sharper – mentally & physically. It is something that I can continue to practice the remainder of my life that will keep me healthy – physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally.

What is your favorite class at Bella Prana?
Either Hot 26 or Hot Flow.