Student Spotlight: Cheryl

This November, we’re giving a big, grateful shout-out to Cheryl, our Student of the Month! Cheryl is SO amazing. You’ll spot her in the studio taking Hot 26 or getting her zen on in a Reiki Healing! Cheryl’s beautiful spirit truly makes our studio a better place. She also has awesome yoga style and wears the cutest leggings around!

1. What do you love about yoga?
I began “doing” yoga in 2007 – I began “practicing” yoga in 2016 when I began Bikram (Hot 26) yoga. Bikram allows me to focus on the here and now with no distractions for 90 minutes. I have grown so much as a person over the last year through Bikram, prayer and my Reiki attunement. My body and mind are the strongest they have ever been – I have transformed in such a positive way, my husband had to see what this practice was all about! He now comes to Hot 26 two times a week with me! It is absolutely amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and allow your ego to be your friend!
2. How has yoga and meditation changed your life?
I could write a 26 page essay for this one. I have calmed down so much over the last year because of yoga and my prayer meditation. When I arrived to my first class at Bella Prana, I was late (I read the schedule wrong) I was going to leave and the front desk angel told me, with a smile, “no, go it’s ok” and Adriana was kind enough to usher me in and set me up. I saw someone do a handstand in her class – I had never seen anyone do one at any of my other studios. After this class, I instantly signed up for Luc’s inversion class and became determined to do a handstand. Luc began class by challenging us to “leave our ego in a box at the door” as she made a little box with her hands. This saying changed everything. It became clear I needed to do this in all aspects of my life. Since that day in September 2016 – I never looked back. My ego is my friend. My patience with life has grown and I don’t get frustrated with myself or my practice. PS: I can handstand now- thank you, Zach for making me get away from the wall!
3. Why do you practice at Bella Prana?

I was new-ish to Tampa and my friend Kelly told me about Bella Prana. I tried different classes and I realized Hot 26 was for me! I walked into my first Hot 26 class looking lost and way over dressed (I wasn’t aware hot 105 degrees would be) That’s when I met Richard. (Richard supplied, installed, and cared for the amazing heating/humidifying system in our Prana room. He was a hard-core Bikram yogi who loved the heat and was a true friend to every one who came into take a class. He passed away just a few, short months ago and he’ll always be in our hearts). He took me under his wing, showed me how to set up and made sure I could see myself in the mirror, half was through class I though “I’m never doing this again” afterwards I sat at chatted with Richard – he was so wonderful to me. He said “see you next week!” as I was leaving and I thought “well, I cannot let him down.” I am so glad I kept coming back. I miss Richard in class, but I know he is with me every time I practice. Abby took over the Hot 26 class just as I was starting to love the practice – not only is she an amazing teacher, but she is now a close friend and mentor.

THAT is why I practice at Bella. The love that fills this studio is amazing. I feel at home here. I always feel welcome. My teachers and classmates have become my family and inspire me daily, I never had these connections at other studios. The desk angels make me feel like I am a star, they know our names when we come in and their smiles are contagious! Now, I do privates with Griselda, Tiffany taught me to love vinyasa flow and I have begun my Reiki journey here too! Thank you all for the love and support! I am beyond humbled to be the Student of the Month!