Student Spotlight: Brad

This August, we’re honoring our long-time student and dear friend, Brad! Brad is our student of the month for many reasons, but mostly because he makes us giggle and wonder with philosophical idioms. Here’s the latest word from Brad that sums up his yoga journey:

“A bull walked into a china shop. During the last year and one month, he’s become less of a bull in a china shop and more of a bird. This bird may even reach paradise”.

Read more about what brings our great friend, Brad, to his yoga mat daily!

1. What do you love about yoga? 

The mixture of movement, music, and breath combined with instructions and adjustments are quite fascinating. I had no idea!

2. How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

I have always enjoyed the physical part of life. Experiencing the flexibility that yoga offers has opened me up to a totally enhanced my connection to my body.

3. Why do you practice at Bella Prana?

Evelyn Wesel, a wonderful teacher, is the reason yoga found me and how I found Bella Prana. First, we started at the Kennedy location and now here we are at this wonderful and compassionate yoga home on Platt street.