Silver Linings

I hesitated to share this because I want to be sensitive to people’s experiences, but I stumbled upon this quote by the Dali Lama, “Happiness is the highest form of health”, and this got me thinking. Maybe it’s my way of coping, or self- soothing, but I try to find the positive in everything. So as bonkers as this may sound, here are the silver linings to the coronavirus:
1. We’re reminded that we’re all connected. We may not share the exact same beliefs or cultural values as the people next door or on the other side of the globe, but it’s clear we’re all part of a singular human family.
2. The virus is just one type of energy. We’re reminded that our energy is contagious. (Positive energy is just as infectious as negative energy.)
3. As a collective we are prioritizing our health. Even people who are ordinarily oblivious of their overall well being have reorganized their priorities to place the protection of their health near the top.
4. We’re being invited to slow down. While many people are working and studying from home, and while big events are being rescheduled people are commuting less and rushing from one place to the next less. We’re tasting a slower rhythm.
5. We’re practicing self-awareness and discernment in how we occupy our senses. While it’s important to be informed, the paradigm of twenty-four-hour news coverage can be overwhelming. We’re using self-awareness to find our sweet spot on how much information we chose to consume, and how best to give our senses a chance to rest.
6. We’re appreciating touch. While shaking hands and greeting everyone we see with huge hugs is minimized, we’re noticing how important human contact is. We may use this time to be more affectionate towards the people or animals at home with us.
7. We’re committed to what heals us. In times of change or uncertainty, people historically cling to an anchor whether it be loved ones, faith, or staple daily routines. We’re using this time to ground into what makes us feel good, whether that’s consistent nourishing meals, a meditation practice, a phone call with a dear friend, or a stroll on a quiet path. We instinctually know what’s good for us and we’re leaning into it.

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By Kristen Scheider, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Writer, and Yoga Instructor

Kristen Schneider teaches Power Yoga and Flow 2 and shares her wisdom with our students at Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation, Tampa, FL.  Voted Best of the Bay and offering over 95 classes a week.