Shalini Patel

shaliniI feel so privileged to be Student of the Month. Bella Prana and yoga in general has been such a blessing in my life. I have grown so much this year after starting to practice yoga regularly. Roni’s Monday classes are so powerful that I usually wind up taking it on Tuesday too just to absorb anything that I may have missed the day prior.

I love yoga because I think it brings equal parts of strength, balance, and flexibility onto the mat. A challenging pose will most definitely incorporate these three things and I think it is very analagous to living a happy and peaceful life. You have to find emotional strength, balance and flexibility in life to truly be content.

Yoga and meditation have made me more self-aware in how I treat others, but more importantly, how I treat myself.

I took my first yoga class this year and I am so lucky to have taken it at Bella Prana. There are so many great people that love teaching yoga. My yoga practice has grown so much because of them, both on the mat and off of it!