Safety Protocols

Below you will find all the details you will need when you come to your favorite classes at Bella Prana!  Below there is a lot of information, but knowledge is power, and we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to empower and protect you. We appreciate your cooperation and diligence as we navigate this time together. If you have a question that is not answered below, please email us at


Arriving at the Studio

  1. We ask that you wear a mask when arriving at the studio.
  2. You will be asked to stand on a mark outside to maintain a 6ft distance.
  3. Someone on our leadership team will greet you and take your temperature with a no touch infrared thermometer. Any temperatures above 100.4 will not be able to enter the space. We appreciate your understanding that we need to act preventatively to keep the space safe and sacred.
  4. You will be asked to use the hand sanitizer available outside before entering.
  5. When called into the lobby, you will be 6ft from the desk angels and give your name verbally. They will verbally check you in then send you into the boutique area to store your things in cubbies.
  6. A member of the leadership team may guide you to a certain side of the cubbies to help maintain distancing as you exit after class.

Class Size and Length

No classes have been cancelled. We will be opening with a full schedule. To honor the physical distancing recommendations, we will be limiting class sizes. The Bella Studio will have 23 students, the Prana Studio will have 24 students and 14 students in the Lotus Studio. Classes that occurred in the private Satya room will now be held in the building behind the studio to allow for appropriate physical distancing.

We will be limiting the length of classes to 60 minutes at this time. Studies have show that longer exposure does increase your risk, so at this time we will be making all classes one hour in length. Please confirm your class start and end time on our class schedule.

Sign Up in Advance

These limited class sizes are temporary in the long run. To allow for smaller classes, we ask that you sign up online in advance for all classes. Walk-in’s will be allowed, however, it is less likely we can guarantee you a space. 

Please use the free Bella Prana App in the app store to sign up and pay for classes quickly and easily.

Our cancellation policy will also need to adapt to be sure that spaces stay available for your fellow yogis. You will have up to 12 hours prior to class to remove your name from the class roster (which you can do in the app). Within the 12 hour time period prior to class, you will be expected to attend and will be charged. We understand that life happens, but these protocols must be in place to protect your fellow yogis’ ability to sign up online in advance. It also protects our ability as a small business to prepare and fill our classes as much as we are able. This is a great gift to us, as we will be functioning at about 50% of our usual capacity at this time.  We appreciate your understanding.

We appreciate you coming a few minutes early to allow for some extra steps as you enter the space.


Wearing Masks

We ask that teachers and students wear masks when entering the studio and while in the lobby, bathroom, or common areas.  We have made this choice because studies have shown that masks dramatically reduce the risk of exposure. 

We have chosen to ask you to wear masks in the common spaces, but not on your mat because the mat space is where we can assure you a consistent 6ft distance from your neighbor. There will be moments where you are passing each other within 6ft in our common spaces, so we feel it is best to wear masks at those times.


What it will be like in Class

When you enter your studio room, you will see small white tape marks on the ground. You will place your mat with the white tape at the front center of your mat. This placement will ensure a 6ft distance. Once you are settled on your mat with any supplies you will need to practice- then and only then- can you remove your mask and keep it nearby. 

To clarify, you do not have to wear a mask while practicing or meditating. Although, if you leave your mat for any reason, we ask that you put your mask back on. 

The class experience will be the same from this point forward. Enjoy!


Sneezing and Coughing in Class

We do want to be clear that you should use your mask if you feel the need to cough or sneeze, and that the teacher may remind you, if that is necessary. If you need to cough or sneeze repeatedly, we reserve the right to ask you to leave class. We understand that some people may simply have allergies, but during this time we must all act quickly and preventatively. We appreciate your understanding.

Because of this policy, we ask that you not come to class if you are struggling with allergies that may cause you to cough or sneeze regularly and especially if you have not felt well in any way.


Physical Distancing

You will be able to maintain physical distancing outside the studio as you enter, during the sign in process, and during your class experience. When in the lobby grabbing your personal belongings, a leader will be there to help limit the amount of bodies in the space. 

That being said, there will be moments of passing each other within a 6ft distance. These moments should be brief as you are on your way in or out of the studio. We ask that you wait and leave space around other yogis when in line for the water station, bathrooms or cubbies.

HEPA Air Filtration

Hospital grade HEPA air filtration systems are located in all three studios. The COVID-19 virus is approximately .125 microns in size and HEPA filters are rated to remove particle down to .1 microns. These filtration systems will be running at all times while classes are in session.


Mat Placement in the Studio

There will be white square marks on the ground to place the front center of your mat. This will ensure that you will have 6ft or more distance from face to face with your neighbor. When class is over, we might have you wait for a few moments inside the studio as we allow people to gather their items in the lobby. For this reason, we will ask you to hold conversations outside in order to keep the flow moving as you exit.


Where the Teacher will Be

The teachers mat will remain at the front of the room and they will not be leaving their mat space. This means that no hands on adjustments will be allowed during this time. You will be able to maintain a 6ft distance from the teacher and your fellow yogis. The only exception would be if you leave to go to the restroom. In this case, we ask you to put your mask back on.

In the Prana room only, the teacher may need to leave their mat to adjust the music. In that case, the teacher will put their mask to cross the room.


Resources you will Have

We will be hand sanitizer dispensers inside of every studio space. Additional sanitizers will be provided at the cubbies, throughout the boutique, and front desk.

Disinfectant wipes in each studio space to sanitize your mat, as long as the studio can continue to obtain enough wipes. To conserve resources, we ask that you arrive with a clean mat and only use one wipe to clean your mat after class. 

The bathroom doors have been replaced and can now swing open as you enter without a door handle. There is a handle to exit and this should be used immediately after you have washed your hands or utilized the sanitizer by the door as you exit. Trash is by the exit to have the option of using your towel to touch the handle as you exit.

Restrooms will now have paper towel dispensers and no hand towels. Restrooms will also have hand sanitizer available as well.


Renting Props

All props will be removed from the studio spaces. We encourage you to bring your own props, and will continue our prop sale to help make that possible. If you do not have props and choose to use ours, we will have sanitized props available to rent for a dollar per prop. For example: if you rented a blanket, bolster, two blocks and a strap for a restorative class, that bundle would cost $5. If you only rented a single block, it would cost $1. These props will be sanitized after every use.

You will leave props inside the studio door on your way out for us to collect and sanitize.


Community Mat Rentals Suspended

We will no longer be using community mats and have turned that wall into more cubbies to allow you more physical space. Because of this, we ask that you bring your own mat to practice. We will have a small number of sanitized mats available for rent as we transition to this new policy. If you do not have a mat, we will be happy to help you pick out the perfect one in our boutique.

How the Waitlist Works

If a class happens to be full, you can sign up for the waitlist. If you have given us your phone number you should get a text letting you know if a space has become available. You will accept or decline the spot via text. If we only have your email, then you will be signed up for that spot automatically and be sent a confirmation email. You will have to remove yourself from the class sign in to ensure that you won’t be charged.

ALL students must remove themselves from the class sign in by 12 hours prior to class to ensure that other students have the opportunity to sign up online. If you do not remove yourself 12 hours prior you will be charged. If you have a specific issue please email us at This policy is important while we are functioning at 50% capacity to help us, as a small business, ensure that we are able to utilize every space available in our classes. Your support and understanding during this time means so much. 


Renting Towels and using Showers

We will not be renting out towels at this time to minimize contact for our staff. Showers are still available to use. We just ask that you bring your own towel.

When getting ready after a shower, we ask that you use the changing rooms provided. We have installed mirrors in the changing rooms to be sure you have what you need and can use a curtain to have your own space. Please do not stand in the common area of the restrooms to get ready and leave that walkway open.


No Contact Payment

When purchasing classes, we ask that you do this online in advance and prior to coming to the studio. If you are willing to store your payment information with us, that will allow you to verbally give us permission to process a payment. Your information is not stored with us, it is stored with our software system which is the number one system used for spas and fitness centers around the world and has extremely high safety standards.

If you do not have your payment info stored with us and choose to purchase something in our boutique, we have a no contact payment system allowing you to simply swipe your card without the desk angel needing to touch it. If possible, we ask that all payment be via card rather than cash to minimize contact for you and our staff.


Cleaning of your Sacred Space

A professional deep clean has been done in the space the night prior to reopening.

In addition to the wipes and hand sanitizer in every studio and common space, our team will be cleaning the floors cubbies and surfaces of the lobby and restrooms during every class. 

Between classes, the floors will be cleaned with disinfectant so that you are always entering a clean room. We will have 30 minutes between each class to thoroughly prepare the space for you.

The studio will be cleaned by a professional cleaning crew with disinfectant grade products every single evening.


The Boutique Space

We have put a changing room in the corner of the boutique so that you can try on any items in the same space and not take any product to the restroom. This is just another step we have taken toward our space clean and safe.

There will be hand sanitizer pumps throughout the boutique for you to use if you need to touch any items. This should allow you to explore the space safely. We ask that you utilize them if you handle any items in our boutique.


We hope that this answers all of your questions to be sure you feel prepared to return to your favorite classes. We are here for you during this time and would love the opportunity to address any of your questions and concerns. Please email us at We hope to see you soon!

With Love,

All of us at Bella Prana