Recording Meditations

samSo I just put out my first meditation CD, but people look at me funny when I say, “It was so easy, I recorded the whole thing on my phone!”

I’m here to offer you a “no more excuses’ moment. Your meditation practice should not suffer another day or be delayed one more minute. We have the technology!

It’s time we learn to use our phones for calming down, not just to remind us why we have to speed up. Below I have the 4 Steps to Phone Meditations for Health, or if you would rather see me in person check out the video I made for this blog post at:

Step One: My Kingdom for a Goal

Without a goal in mind, meditation can be difficult. So first we have to know WHY we want to meditate and formulate our mobile phone meditation around that. The example I’ll use is Self-Esteem, but you need to ask yourself this question: “If I could have more of one thing in my life what would that be?”

Picking one is essential. Once you’ve got that in mind, we can move on to step two.

Step Two: “Stick to the Script!!!”

Scripting meditations for health could be a great blog post (teaser alert), but can essentially be broken down into two methods:

A: Find a Script

Google “Self-Esteem Meditation Scripts” and you’ll find great free resources of pre-made meditations scripts for you to choose from. Read a couple, take what you like, leave what you don’t, and POOF – you are onto step three.

B: Write Your Own

Creativity is required, but this process consists of a couple key factors.

1) Relaxation Portion – Always relax the body beforehand, be creative and maybe take a look at some basic relaxation meditation scripts for ideas.

2) Goal Visualization – For Self-Esteem you might use the sun’s rays filling you with empowerment. Abundance would be supercharged if you saw yourself swimming through an ocean of money. Healing relationships is easy after a few mental trial runs in a safe and secure mental environment. However your goal makes the most sense to you, see yourself enacting it!

3) Affirmation Portion – To make a meditation “stick” an affirmation will let you call on the feelings you experience during your meditation long after you listen to it. Again, back to Self-Esteem, a good affirmation (or “power statement”) would be “I radiate Self-Esteem and Confidence!”

4) Return Portion – After you relax, visualize, and affirm, it’s time to come back up. Do this slowly by focusing on body sensations like your breathing or your environment at the time to bring your awareness back into the present moment.

Step Three: Recording Time

Go to the “tools” option in your phone – this is normally where the calculator and stopwatch feature are located too. You’ll see a voice recorder tool, or you can normally download them for free. If you’re using a laptop, the same rules apply, but you’ll go to the “accessories” option instead of tools.

Have your script handy and do a couple trial runs. Once you’ve got a full recording (it doesn’t have to be perfect), listen to it and see how it makes you feel. Tinker as needed.

Step Four: Daily Listening

Depending on the type of file your audio recorder pumps out, you should be able to listen on your phone, computer, ipad, etc. If for some reason the file isn’t compatible, just go to a free file converter online and switch it up. But if not, then just record it on multiple devices, which will give you great practice time.

Now you have a mobile meditation station that you can access. Play with scripting to achieve different goals in your life and build up your speaking skills by recording multiple types of meditation styles.

I hope this has served you and will brighten up the idea of meditating daily.

I’m Sam Belyea of Massage Redefined in South Tampa wishing you a very happy meditation.

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