Phil Guencho’s Story

philgMy yoga practice began almost seven years ago when a co-worker told us about his weekly lunchtime practice at the Lotus Room. He spoke of a challenging physical practice and also of the calming meditation at the end of each class. As a technical lead, he had to work with some difficult people and situations. And he always did so calmly and with good humor. Yoga, he said, made the task easier.

So, I began with the introductory series of classes and progressed to the challenging Hatha Flow and Power classes. Exploring different yoga styles kept the physical practice interesting and new. Near the same time I started yoga, I also began studying spiritual texts: Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, David Deida, Rumi and others. I didn’t make the connection between yoga and my spiritual study at first, but eventually noticed the similarities in the way I felt after each.

And then I began to read texts about yoga, meditation and spirit. It has been eye opening to experience a physical yoga practice and at the same time the spiritual inner work at many of the classes at Bella Prana. The variety of yoga styles, teachers and workshops at Bella Prana has me wishing I had more time to practice! Wherever you are in the journey there is a place you can go, a person to talk to, an activity to take that is the next step. Yoga has been that next step for me many times.