Our Commitment


Dear Community,

As we stand in solidarity with the Black community we have taken time to converse honestly around our gaps and areas of opportunity to increase representation, awareness and education within ourselves and at Bella Prāṇa studio. Last year we created a set of goals and a commitment to our community to outline the tangible ways that we are committed to lifting up those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We recognize that wellness environments have not always been accessible or felt safe for many populations. We are committed to using our time, energy, and resources to combat the influence of white supremacy in our studio, community, and nation. We will listen hard to what our students and instructors of color have to say about the goals we set and the steps we take. We ask our community to hold us accountable to the commitments we make, now and always, because this is a fight and movement without a finish line.


Our Commitment in 2020

  • We will expand our diversity training to include a comprehensive video training that will be required of everyone who works at Bella Prāṇa in any capacity. This will include ongoing diversity and belonging trainings on site for our teachers and leadership.
  • Our teacher training program will now include diversity, inclusion and belonging lecture experiences as a part of the training syllabus.
  • We will represent the work of more authors and artists of color in the boutique. We are committed to intentionally supporting businesses owned by people of color.
  • We will now offer scholarship opportunities for people of color available for all of our yoga teacher trainings.
  • We are committed to hosting regular Real Talk conversation circles, online and in person, on topics related to power, privilege and oppression.
  • We are committed to using our social media presence to highlight more diverse topics, resources, art, and community events.
  • We will continue to work and expand our relationship with non-profits like Metropolitan Ministries to provide yoga and meditation classes.
  • We will continue to hold 5 donation only classes per week to increase accessibility of our yoga and meditation experiences to all of our community.

– Bella Prāṇa Leadership, Teachers, and Community

The above commitment was made in May of 2020. As a part of our commitment to transparency, below is our Impact Report as of December 31st, 2020, to show you how we have acted on those commitments. We continue to welcome feedback in this area and desire to hear your voice. Please feel free to email us at info@bellaprana.com with any thoughts, suggestions or questions.