Marsha Chorlog’s Story

optimized-yogapostpicWhat do you love about yoga?
No matter how chaotic or stressful my life gets, I have this amazing tool to “unthink” things. Trust me, I have wasted plenty of time over-analyzing situations. Yoga has taught me the value of letting go of my external world, even if it’s just for a class. I realize it’s impossible for me to be positive and happy 100% of the time, but just one hour on the yoga mat can completely reverse a bad mood. Plus, the “high” you get when you master a new pose is unbeatable!

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?
Yoga and meditation unexpectedly changed my life. I started yoga with the intention of getting a challenging workout. I am in the best shape of my life, but what I didn’t expect was the emotional and spiritual benefits I would gain from meditation. I have never been happier and the relationship I developed with myself has changed how I interact with the world. The beautiful thing is that the change happened so organically, I don’t even know exactly when it occurred. All I know is my life has changed for the better, and therefore I am better able to serve others.

Why did you decide to become an instructor?
I have my doctorate in physical therapy, so I have spent many years studying the human body and how it moves. Many of my patients have chronic pain. Pain not only affects a person’s physical body, but their psyche as well. A few years into my own practice, I realized how healing yoga is on both levels. I decided to become an instructor and blend my medical knowledge with the art of yoga. I want to share my passion for yoga with people who are afraid to try it due to medical conditions or surgical history.

Why do you practice at Bella Prana?
Bella Prana has the best atmosphere of any yoga studio I’ve been to! The instructors and classmates are my family. We are all on the same journey, and I am so thankful to be a part of it.