Letter to the New Year

champ_optDear 2013,

YES. I say YES to everything you have in store for me. YES to every stumble and every tear. YES to every hug and every kiss. YES to the things I will lose and YES to all that I will gain. YES to wrinkles I will acquire and YES to what the mirror tells me. YES to my life just as it is, and YES to it changing in ways I never saw coming. YES to the new people I will meet, and YES to those I may lose. YES to the fear, YES to the pain, YES to frozen moments and YES to momentum. YES to work and YES to rest. YES to unexpected bills and YES to abundance. YES to love.

So if you still don’t understand know this; I say YES to everything that is about to happen to me and everything that will not. Before it ever happens I bring a YES to my life. There is nothing you can throw at me that I cannot embrace, I am an endless well of love overflowing with YES. I throw my arms to the sky as I still behind my eyes and announce with conviction YES, YES, YES!

~ Roni Sloman