We love Julianne’s smile

Julianne Andrews has such a radiant and positive soul. She always puts others first and gives 1000% of her vibrant energy to her yoga community! We are super excited to have Julianne as our Desk Angel of the Month for April 2020.

What do you love about yoga? 

My yoga practice is my way of communicating with my true nature, I love how some days I need wild and free and others grounding and peace. Yoga teaches me that I am always changing and blooming, that I am more than just a physical being, that I am part of a bigger whole; And I love that!

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

I have been practicing yoga for a while now, and started teaching back in early 2014, its very important for me. I tend to be high strung and emotional and I practice finding equanimity. There was a time when I was really unhappy and went away to practice Vipassana Meditation so that I could learn to listen to myself and learn how to control my quick unnecessary reactions to things, starting from a subtle energetic layer and moving to the physical. I have to say it’s helped a lot and the more I practice the better and less over reactive I become. Honestly though, this may take a few more lifetimes to really figure out. I must add, Ashtanga Yoga helps me a lot with that as well.

Why did you want to be a Desk Angel at Bella?

I moved to Tampa almost 2 years ago from Los Angeles with my family, and wanted to find a way to network, make like minded friends, and become part of this amazing community. I am a social butterfly, and love being around people.

What’s one of your favorite (healthy) recipes that you would like to share with the Bella Prana community.

Here is my favorite go to breakfast: Trader Joe’s Harissa spread onto a slice of ancient whole wheat or sourdough bread, with either arugula or alfalfa sprouts topped with soft boiled egg, pepper and garlic salt, optional. PS garlic salt makes every and anything complete.

Come on in to Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation and be greeted by Julianne and our team of Desk Angels.  You will feel like family the minute you walk in.  Julianne also teaches a Prenatal class at Bella. Voted Best of the Bay!