Hot 26 lends a hand

We’re delighted to feature Benjamin Reynolds, our Student of the Month for April 2020.  Benjamin’s go to class is Hot 26 and he describes so many health benefits that yoga has provided to him, including relief to migraines and better sleep. We are fortunate to have him and his fiance as students.

What I love most about yoga?

The sense of relaxation, mindfulness, and self-awareness that comes with practicing. It gives me a lot of health benefits and promotes a better lifestyle.

How has yoga/meditation changed my life?

It helps me deal with stress and adversity better. I have used it to help me relax and feel good. I’ve used yoga when studying for a bar exam and when dealing with work and life stressors. It also provides relief to my migraines and helps me get better sleep.

Why do I practice at Bella Prana?

My fiancé was already practicing at Bella Prana and introduced me to the studio in July of last year. I really liked it and the teachers and staff are all fantastic. It’s a positive and supportive atmosphere. I come as much as I can.

What is my style of class to attend?

Hot 26.

Hot 26 is the original hot Bikram Yoga method, which is a powerful series of 26 postures combined with breath designed to restore your whole body to it’s fullest potential! This heated practice works deep into the whole body for better strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus. By repeating the Hot 26, you’ll gain perseverance that naturally extends to your daily life off the mat.  Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation offers Hot 26 classes throughout the week.  Voted Best of the Bay!