Grateful for Sarah

We feel incredibly lucky to be in Tampa and to share in the beautiful yoga community here. Knowing that we can depend on our Desk Angels to take care of our students and studio. Sarah brings a loving lightness every time she enters our space.  We are forever grateful for the energy she gives to the community and are delighted Sarah is our Desk Angel of the Month for September!  She tells us more about herself below.


What do you love about yoga?

I love yoga because it truly is for everyone. Many people believe that yoga is about being physically flexible or moving into the “perfect” pose, but it’s really about showing up and doing your best. It helps you break through the barriers of self-judgement and accept yourself where you are at that moment. Practicing yoga also helps to clear out any old energies you’re holding onto so you can find your true pathway forward.


How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

Practicing yoga has helped me in so many ways! I initially started practicing yoga around 10 years ago, but I didn’t take my first group class until last year and now I practice at Bella Prana 3-4 times a week. It has helped me to be more kind and patient in my day to day life, I feel that I can take some of the peace I find on the mat during mediation and spread it to everyone I come into contact with. It has also helped me accept my limitations while simultaneously embracing my potential. For me, yoga makes the tough times more manageable and the good times even more sweet. Most importantly I’ve met so many amazing people through yoga, it has helped me open up and find my tribe…I love my OMies!


Why did you want to be a Desk Angel at Bella Prana?

I became a Desk Angel at Bella Prana because I love making students feel welcome in this space. Bella Prana is incredibly special to me for many reasons, and I want to help others find their place here. Coming into a yoga studio for the first time can be intimidating for many of us and I want to do my part to make sure everyone who walks through our doors knows that they made the right choice in coming to Bella Prana.


What’s one of your favorite recipes that you would like to share with the Bella Prana community? 

I discovered Golden Paste a couple of years ago and have been making a very simple recipe with turmeric, water, coconut oil, and black pepper. You can eat it by the spoonful or add it to plant-based milk for Golden Milk. Turmeric helps your body deal with inflammation and it has also been touted as a preventive for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also a powerful anti-oxidant. Turmeric can stain your skin and nails so be careful when handling the powder or paste.


Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation is based in Tampa, Florida.