Grateful For Robyn

At Bella Prana we vow to use our sacred space any way we can to support, love, nurture and educate all who walk through our doors by giving opportunities of self-study that empower students to grow in health, wellness, creativity, spirituality and the evolution of humanity. Robyn found Bella Prana in 2017 and has been a shining light in the studio ever since.  We asked her to share what brings her back time and time again!


I found myself sitting in Luc’s hot power flow class in August of 2017 after a dear friend recommended what she felt might start to heal my shattered heart.  Although many tears fell on my mat that day, it was as if a light went on and I knew exactly where I was meant to be.  I was wrapped up in the words spoken at the beginning and end of that class, and every class thereafter.  I’m so grateful to have this new-found happiness, sense of purpose and most of all cherish what I know will be lifelong friendships!


For more details on Luc’s yoga and meditation classes please visit our class schedule online.