Director of Diversity

Chanel is the Director of Diversity and Belonging at Bella Prana. Her wish for this role is to encourage the expansion of yoga’s teachings to communities who have yet to experience it. Understanding that the lack of inclusion is complex, she is devoted to confronting and better understanding the many barriers that keep color away from wellness spaces. Chanel has years of training as a yoga teacher, as well as experience in diversity related work. While completing her undergraduate and graduate degrees, she developed formal curriculum and facilitated training around these topics for universities throughout the Tampa Bay region. She blends her lived experience, formal experience and yoga experience to create a strong sense of belonging in each of her classes and interactions. She believes you heal greater when you know and feel you belong to a community that truly sees you as already whole.

Chanel’s classes are taught straight from the heart. Her soulful approach to teaching provides a space for students to practice authentically and presently. Each class with her is a reminder to take life’s moments breath by breath. After years of personal study, she became 200 RYT certified from Bella Prana in 2016. More than anything, accessibility and belonging in the classroom is high priority and her individualized instruction is inspired by her graduate work in diversity related topics. She reminds students that yoga is for everybody to be seen, heard and celebrated. In addition to asana instruction, her offerings include chanting, sound baths, personal readings, the occasional cry, and a lot of laughter. Her personal yoga practice opened the door to living life in a different way.  Her hope is to provide students with access to that same door and to invite a safe and healing space to be as they truly are and nothing less.

Practice with her on:

Mondays 9:15am Flow Level 2
Sundays 6:00pm Donation Only Flow Level 1