Desk Angel, Kara B!

This month, we’re extending our appreciation to our very happily kind-hearted Front Desk Angel, Kara B! You’ve probably seen her (being awesome) at our Front Desk on Wednesday nights. Kara’s been with us since our former location on Kennedy and we couldn’t be more grateful for the positive vibes and hard work she puts in to make our studio amazing! See why Kara loves working at Bella Prana below.

What do you love about yoga?

I learn something new about myself or appreciate something different every single time. I’ve learned that you aren’t the same person each time you get on your mat, and that there are no expectations. I love that the teachers just tell you that you are exactly where you need to be and to stop judging yourself for what you aren’t. I absolutely LOVE that I can accept myself for who I am THAT day and that it’s important to just SHOW UP!

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

The practice of yoga itself allows me to turn inward and reflect on my day. After teaching 110 6th graders every day, your head spins in directions that would even surprise Regan MacNeil from “The Exorcist”. When the pose & shapes become difficult, I know that they are just temporary and those moments are making me stronger. I can then use that philosophy in my life with situations I may encounter on a daily basis, especially with my students. Yoga has also introduced me to many precious and wonderful souls that I am so happy to call friends. I love my Bella Prana and Tampa yoga community!

Why do you barter at Bella Prana?

I work at Bella Prana because I love interacting with the students and regulars that come to practice. It means a lot to me to greet them with a smile after their long day and welcome them to the studio with kindness and warmth. I am the first person that the students see when they arrive, and just letting them know that they have arrived, they can let go and just relax makes a huge difference. I really enjoy creating that atmosphere for our students and it really brings me joy. The students are so sweet and it’s fun to get to know them, call them by name and make their experience unforgettable!