Trusting Her Inner Voice

Each of us finds a balance to suit our lives. Sometimes it comes in the form of Yoga that extends beyond what we ever imagined. Chrissy Gesmundo, our Student of the Month for November 2020, eloquently defines the peace, magic and pure nature of her yoga practice. We are so grateful to have Chrissy as part of our community as she continues her yoga journey with us.

What do you love about yoga?

What I love about Yoga is that I am provided the gracious opportunity to participate in an ancient practice. I love it because the practice regularly reminds me to listen and trust my inner voice. Yoga is a stable variable in my life that can be used as a measure of growth, of need, for solutions that have yet to rise to consciousness. I love that I can use the philosophical and Sutra elements to guide me to remember and practice acceptance–of myself and of those around me. Each practice reminds me of the common humanity we share–on and off the mat.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?

A regular Yoga practice WILL change your life! I mean it, and a long time ago it did for me. Now I cannot imagine a life without Yoga, in all its forms and limbs. The practice of Yoga creates a space to allow my body to tell me what I need, and the body always knows. Meditation helps me to quiet my mind and allow truth and creativity to rise to knowingness. It helps me to be present and stay present, and it helps me to manage my occasional anxiety.

Why do you practice at Bella Prana?

I practice at Bella Prana because no matter the time of day, I can always find a class that fits my schedule. Also, it is super light and bright with big windows in the classroom space; I love this!

What is your style of class to attend?

The style of class I attend changes with my psychological, emotional, and physical needs. I used to be an Ashtangi, but for the last few years, Flow 1 (shout out to Rachel Dooley) and Gentle have been my jam!.

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