Bella’s Outreach Program

Our Mission Statement:

“At Bella Prana, we believe that the practice of yoga and meditation brings richness to our lives and healing to our minds and bodies. The goal of Bella Prana Yoga’s Outreach program is to share the benefits of yoga and meditation with all people- no matter their socio-economic status, age, race, physical ability, past traumas or current experience.

We are committed to providing donation only and free classes within our space and throughout our city. We will partner with local organizations and citizens to serve others through the practice of yoga and meditation and through the giving of our time and resources. We vow to create a safe place for all people to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually – both within our walls and throughout our community.”

Bella Prana has always been a melting pot of styles, teachers, ages and abilities. But we wanted to do more. We want every single person to have yoga and meditation available to them, and for our studio to be a safe place for people of all walks of life. Below are some ways we are currently working toward this mission. We welcome your ideas, help, resources, and encouragement. Please share with friends, family, strangers, those struggling and those looking to maintain their growth.

Some of what we are doing as a part of our Outreach Initiative:

  • We hold a weekly free yoga class at Metropolitan Ministries for the population living at their facility.
  • We host a weekly class for a local rehabilitation center within our studio.
  • We hold seven donation only classes per week, to ensure that a regular yoga practice is available to all socio-economic levels.
  • We organize a monthly volunteering group at Metropolitan Ministries, look for flyers in studio for upcoming dates.
  • We hold a donation only veterans yoga class weekly at the studio, to support those who have served.
  • We hold free yoga classes out in the community each month with partners such as Armature Works, Sparkman Warf, the Yankees, and a free class with admission to Zoo Tampa.
  • We hold a monthly donation only meditation class to be sure this healing practice is available to all.
  • We hold a donation only full moon reiki class monthly to ensure that energy work is accessible to everyone.
  • We work as a business, studio, family of instructors and students to keep growing, expanding our minds, hearts, and perspectives to enhance our ability to listen, learn, and be inclusive and loving citizens.

If you would like to donate to our outreach program, volunteer your time, or give us feedback please reach out at

Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation is located in Tampa, Florida. Bella Prana has served the Tampa community for over a decade, has been repeatedly voted Best of the Bay, and holds over 90 classes a week. Come see us!