Ashton’s Yoga Journey

Congratulations to January’s Student of the Month, Ashton! She gives us a glimpse into her love for yoga and why she practices at Bella Prana.

“Yoga has become an important part of my life over the passed year and a half. When I first moved to Florida from California, about 8 months ago, finding a new yoga studio seemed daunting. I was nervous to be the new yogi. After just one class, I knew i had found my new home at Bella Prana. The positive energy, amazing classes and positive atmosphere make the studio irresistible. I can’t stand to be away for longer than a day. I love yoga because it reminds me to take time to clear my mind, open my heart and breathe.Yoga makes me feel strong and empowered physically and mentally.”

She wasn’t kidding. She’s here every day, sharing her good vibes and positive energy on and off the mat. We love you, Ashton!