Alora’s Yoga Journey

Alora Caminiti, our Student of the Month for January 2021, shares how yoga delivers a peace within. Learn about the tools she uses in her yoga and mindfulness practice and her journey to explore and discover its’ many gifts.

What do you love about yoga?

Yoga allows me to ground when everything around me is spinning. It is a safe space to feel and process emotions. And it always challenges me – whether I am working on my breathing, clearing my mind, or deepening a pose.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life?
I found yoga at just the right time – when I needed it the most! It taught me to slow down and take a moment for myself and showed me the importance of breath. It also allowed me to cross paths with very special people.

Why do you practice at Bella Prana?
The Bella Prana community is so special! The teachers, students, and desk angels are warm and welcoming, and the schedule has a class for whatever mood you are in that day. The second you walk through the door, you’re home!

What is your style of class to attend?
My favorite class is the 60-minute Hot 26. It is a refreshing detox and the predictable postures allow me to turn my mind off. Savasana has never felt better than after that class!

Hot 26 classes are offered 7 days a week at Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation, Tampa, FL. Hot 26 is inspired by the traditional 26 and 2 method with a focus on keeping the class progressive and accessible for all students. Hot 26 is a powerful series of 26 postures combined with breath designed to restore your whole body to it’s fullest potential! This heated practice works deep into the whole body for better strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus. By repeating the Hot 26, you’ll gain perseverance that naturally extends to your daily life off the mat

Classes are offered in studio or on our virtual yoga studio. For questions, email us at