Activating the Chakras

chakrapicopt2“So, let me get this straight. There are centers of energy in the body, they are ‘open’ or ‘closed’ or somewhere in between, and depending on how open or closed they are translates into how healthy you are physically, mentally, and emotionally.” One part of myself said to another.

“Right.” The other part of myself said.

“You might not understand it now,” this part continued “but you will be overcome with so much happiness when you fully realize how connected the body is.”

And this is how the dialogue started between me, myself, and the Chakras. Now, I teach about the Chakras frequently. Every time a massage client comes in with pain, every time I talk with a student who is looking to overcome an obstacle in their life, and every time I stand back and witness the beauty of this world; I talk about the Chakras. 

Each Chakra corresponds to thoughts you have, feelings we all experience, and physical structures in the body. 

In yoga we cultivate bhandas (support locks in the body) which can be classified as a ‘Root Chakra technique’ because of the stability we gain.

While the graceful transition of a vinyasa belongs to the Sacral Chakra because of its water-like qualities. 

Each energy center is like a step on a bridge from one point of consciousness to another, one aspect of ourselves linked to another aspect of ourselves over this multi-colored diagram of energy and experience.

This ‘rainbow bridge’ is truly that, it’s a bridge. It is a bridge that connects everything that you view as ‘outside’ of yourself (pain, people, wealth, etc.) to everything that you view as ‘inside’ (thoughts, feelings, perception, etc.). Never again will I look at knee pain, or high blood pressure, or headaches, or not being able to do Shoulderstand and see the solution as outside of myself.

 The Chakras teach us about how our internal reality manifests our external experiences.

In yoga we strive to come into union (yoga = union), so when the external environment of relationships, work, or physical health is out of balance yogis can turn to the Chakras as a road map to understanding the correlation between their internal experience of life with the external symptoms they experience.

 Join me, Sam Belyea, on Saturday December 8th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at Bella Prana. I will be teaching a workshop entitled Activating the Chakras where you will learn how the practice of yoga in its many forms opens and activates the energy centers of the body to help you live a more yogic life.

I would love to see you there.

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