A Calming Heart: Justin

We are thrilled to feature Justin Porter as our Desk Angel of the Month for January 2020!  Justin is always eager to step in when help is needed.  For our students and guests, he presents and provides a super calm and relaxed energy in our studio.  Next time you stop in, say hello to Justin and ask him about his new hobby…it involves grapes!

What do you love about yoga? 

I love that you can be free while having fun and also learn about yourself through the practice. I love the physical, mental & spiritual journey you can lead yourself into.

How has yoga and meditation changed your life? 

Because of my yoga and meditation practice, I am able to self discover a lot about myself on and off the mat. Yoga itself has given me the gift of healing. Meditation has allowed me to slow down my life and calm my anxiety.

Why did you want to be a desk angel at Bella Prana?
I wanted to become a desk angel because Bella Prana’s staff has shared and offered me so much, I wanted to give back.

What’s one of your favorite recipes?

Lately I have been on juice fast and my favorite thing to juice is red grapes with seeds. There are many benefits from juicing this powerful fruit.


You can find Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation in Tampa, Florida.