This month, we’re celebrating Rebecca Marra; a long time yoga-lover and student at Bella Prana. See how she finds growth and transformation on her mat!


1. What do you love about yoga?


I love literally everything about yoga. There is a class for every mood. I love experiencing the benefits of mindfullness, connection, presence, peace, fitness, and overall wellness. It is the most physically, mentally, and spiritually challenging and liberating experience.


2. How has yoga and meditation changed your life?


Yoga has taught me to find joy and happiness in this moment. It also has inspired me to push myself to grow and transform. It gives me focus, deeper understanding and connection.


3. Why do you practice at Bella Prana?


I practice at Bella Prana because it truly has beautiful energy. There is a class for every individual, from beginner to advanced, which is awesome. Practicing at Bella Prana also gives me inspiration. No matter how my day is, it is a place I can go to let go, breathe and move.