We’ve recently made an important shift in our strategy toward providing you incredible customer service. Let’s get right down to it. We are no longer going to be answering the phones. Sounds radical, we know! But we believe firmly that your priority is that we not raise prices and that our management focus on brining you incredible yoga experiences. So thank you for this opportunity to explain our new strategy and assure you that we should be able to serve you even better!

With our growth we have recently decided to make sure that we are staying focused on our mission. Something our management team has noticed is that we are spending an incredible amount of our time answering the phone, and often for simple requests like signing up for class or if a yoga mat was left behind. Because we are open seven days a week from around 5:30am – 7:30pm, and open 363 days a year, we are unable to answer the bigger volume of calls. We have a much larger schedule, over 90 classes a week, and we have found it difficult to attend to every call and serve you in the studio as well. Instead of struggling and teaching you about inner peace, without achieving it ourselves, we have come up with a new approach based on what we believe is your priority.

We took a good look at our options to be sure you get the best possible service our conclusion is that you would prefer we not increase prices, and instead ask you to work with us as a team in using the resources that we provide. Our free app in iPhone and Android allows you to sign up or remove yourself from class lightning fast. You can also see your purchases and visit history. We are thrilled to talk with you about any issue when you come into the studio and we will always follow up if we cannot get you a resolution to the issue immediately.

You can ALWAYS email us at info@bellaprana.com if you need anything or grab us in person. We believe that as long as you receive wonderful personal service in the studio, can always email us for anything not urgent, and are given the resources you need that your management team is best utilized focusing on our mission to bring you cutting edge, fun, and unique opportunities on the mat.

Thank you for working together with us so that we can practice what we preach and keep our focus on your experience on the mat!